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Radiata Pine

The Timber

Radiata Pine is a versatile timber, widely used in the full range of structural and decorative applications including; furniture, framing, lining, veneer and plywood.

The timber is low in density and relatively soft, often with very wide annual growth rings. The heartwood is light brown to yellow; the sapwood white to pale yellow, but often indistinct. The grain is usually straight and, dependant on grade, knots are common throughout.

Radiata Pine is very easy to work with standard tools/machinery.

The Resource

Radiata Pine is a plantation softwood timber grown widely throughout Australia, New Zealand and Chile. In Tasmania, the first commercial Radiata Pine plantations were established in the 1930’s.

Radiata Pine plays a significant role in meeting the ever-increasing demand for sawn timber. As a well managed plantation tree, it is a renewable resource providing dependable supply for generations to come.

This product
is best used for:
  • Furniture
  • Skirting & Architrave
  • Staircase & Handrail 
  • Joinery
  • Structured Engineering 
  • Flooring & Decking 
  • Panelling 

The Tree

Radiata Pine is a medium-sized tree that reaches heights of 40-50m, with diameter of approx. 1m. In plantations, the tree has a straight trunk with a shallow crown. Radiata Pine has been chosen as a plantation species because it is easily raised and planted. It provides larger yields of usable timber in a shorter timeframe than many native species. Radiata Pine is generally harvested at about 35 years.


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