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The Timber

Merbau is an extremely dense hardwood, imported from Malaysia for its strength, durability and deep colour characteristics. The heartwood is pale to dark-reddish brown; the sapwood is pale yellow and easily defined. The grain is often interlocked and wavy, producing a ribbon figure on the radial surface.

With a Class 1 durability rating (source AS 5604) and resistance to termites (source AS 5604), Merbau is widely used for external decking and outdoor furniture applications. It is also suitable for interior finishing, panelling, flooring, veneer and decorative items.

The Resource

Growing throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, mainly in low-lying damp areas and along rivers, Merbau has become a very high risk and threatened species. It is considered a luxurious timber, which has lead to widespread illegal logging operations throughout South East Asia.

In maintaining our committment to the environment and to our industry, you can be assured any Merbau we supply has been sourced from government controlled, sustainably managed forests.

This product
is best used for:
  • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
  • Flooring & Decking
  • Joinery
  • Screening
  • Staircase & Handrail 
  • Windows & Doors 

The Tree

Intsia palembanica, the botanical name for Merbau, is a large tree capable of achieving more than 50m in height and 4m in trunk diameter. The tree is tolerant to salt spray and soil salinity, however is susceptible to frost and only moderately resistant to drought conditions. It is a slow growing species, generally attaining maturity at 80 years. A 50-60 year rotation is recommended for natural stands.

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