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The Timber

A premium quality Australian hardwood, Jarrah ranges in colour from rich reddish-browns to soft salmon pinks. This warm, beautiful and durable hardwood, with its magnificent colour and grain, has been specified in both commercial and residential projects worldwide.

The timber is high in density, however relatively easy to work. The heartwood varies from rich-red to deep brown; the sapwood pale yellow. The grain is generally straight although sometimes slightly interlocked, producing a striking fiddleback figure.

The Resource

A sustainably managed hardwood species, Jarrah is found only on the laceritic soils in the south-west of Western Australia and is not grown anywhere else in the world as a commercial timber. It does not germinate from a seed, it grows in a 'lignatuber', a large underground swelling which stores carbohydrates and allows the tree to regenerate after a fire.

Jarrah is sustainably managed by the Australian Government's 'Jarrah sustained-yield management program'.

This product
is best used for:
  • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture 
  • Joinery
  • Flooring & Decking 
  • Handicraft & Turnery 
  • Musical Instruments 

The Tree

Jarrah trees grow up to 40m in height with a trunk diameter up to 3m. It has a rough, greyish-brown, vertically grooved, fibrous bark which sheds in long flat strips. Because they are deep-rooted, as much as 40m, Jarrah are extremely drought resistant and able to draw water from great depths during prolonged dry periods.

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