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The Timber

Blackwood is the perfect timber for fine furniture, joinery or a feature floor. Boasting a variety of colours ranging from light golden-brown to a deep brown, occasionally showing black streaks. Additional character results from the grain of the wood, which can be straight or wavy with a natural lustre producing a striking fiddleback figure.

Heartwood is light brown to dark brown with occasional red tinting; sapwood is straw coloured.

The Resource

Blackwood is sourced from sustainably managed, native forests. It is a common understorey species that readily grows from the coast to 1,000m above sea level but excels in lowland, swampy conditions. Blackwood is short-lived and fast growing. It has a vigorous spreading root system that suckers readily.

Blackwood is predominantly grown in the swamps and lowlands of the north-west of Tasmania in a variety of wet eucalypt forests. It is sustainably managed by the Australian Government, with 36% of total Blackwood forest types being reserved.

This product
is best used for:
  • Furniture 
  • Joinery
  • Flooring 
  • Panelling 
  • Musical Instruments 

The Tree

Blackwood trees can reach heights up to 35m, but is generally around 10-20m, with a trunk up to 1m in diameter. Smaller trees branch from near ground level, and larger plants in forests have a well developed trunk below the dense crown.

The tree's bark is brown-grey to dark-grey and hard. it varies in thickness from less than 0.5cm to 5cm at the base in large trees and characteristically has long, vertical furrows along the trunk.

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