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Why we love timber!

TIMBER….is nature’s greenest resource


It is renewable and sustainable, a solid and attractive element, which can be used, bent and shaped to the most modern of designs.

For contemporary architecture Timber is the material of the moment, offering design opportunities well beyond the reach of alternates. Covering modern Timber architecture with stunning images of structural designs that vary from bridges to dwellings, walkways over water or a gazebo near the ocean, nothing equals the beauty, strength and durability of Timber. Like earthen buildings and mud brick houses Timber is a building material as ancient as the concept of building itself.

Today’s Timber is largely plantation grown and sourced the world over from well-managed, sustainable yield planted forests of a great many species all being grown with a particular end use in mind.

The Timber buildings and products of the 21st century will offer all kinds of amazing things, and best of all;

It’s 100% renewable.

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